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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 24, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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before this case goes to trial. the body that governs college athletics waited into new territory on montague a hatchet to penn state's football program after the criminal conviction on charges of child rape of its former defensive coach jerry sandusky. the ncaa announced sweeming sanctions including a report $60 million fine, about the same amount the school makes on the football program each year. that money will go to programs that prevent child sex abuse. also, a four-year ban on bowl games, no postseason, no shot at a national championship. that runs off all the blue chip recruits and the loss of 40 scholarships over four years. current players are free to transfer and play elsewhere immediately. they don't have to sit out as they normally would for a year. the ncaa also wiped from the record books all 111 of penn state's football wins from 1998 to 2011. that drops coach joe paterno from first to seventh on the all
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time wins list. mark emerick yesterday said that he chose not to levy the so-called death penalty because it would have harmed individuals who had no role in the sandusky scandal. he also said there are larger lessons to be learned from the scandal about college sports. >> one of the grave dangers stemming from our love of sports is that the sports themselves can become too big to fail, indeed, too big to even challenge. the result can be an erosion of academic values that are replaced by the value of hero worship and winning at all cost. >> for more insight on this, let's bring in the nfl network's michael lombardi. he also contribute to "inside the nfl" on showtime. mike, i appreciate you waking up so early. too much? not enough? how do you assess what happened yesterday with the ncaa and penn state? >> good morning, willie. i think ultimately what the ncaa did is reduce the program back to really a working death penalty.
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i mean the reality of the situation is penn state is not going to be able to compete for any championships. it reduced it to a division two program. they'll have football. they're going to wear the uniforms. but in terms of quality play and in terms of competing at the highest level, the ncaa made sure they're not going to be able to do that. ultimately, it's a working death penalty. >> and what does this mean for the football program there? i mean they say four years no postseason. when you look at four years, that probably means a decade in the wilderness for penn state, doesn't it? >> no question. and bill o'brien, the new head coach has a challenge in front of him. he's going to lose a lot of players in the next 48 to 72 hours, players that went to penn state under the understanding that they were going to be able to compete. now they can transfer somewhere else. i think penn state is going to have to take at least five years of really division two type football and then proceed to rebuild their football program. bill o'brien has a huge challenge in front of him and ultimately they're paying a tremendous price for the mistakes made since 1998. and, mike, can you explain
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why this really was unprecedented for the ncaa? they've done things before where they enforced their own rules. but to step in on a criminal act like this, what does that mean going forward now? what kind of power does the ncaa wield? >> i think ultimately penn state was supposed to protect children. it didn't. i think the ncaa used the criminal case against jerry sandusky as evidence and the freeh report and they just really wanted to make sure this doesn't happen anywhere else. they sent a message to all the teams. i'm sure every school in the united states now is making sure they're compliant and protecting the kids on campus and the children that come through camps and do all those things and making sure this never happens again. >> all right. let's hope some good comes out of this. nfl network's michael lombardi, i appreciate you waking up so early. >> have fun in london. let's turn to politics. president obama and mitt romney easing back into campaign mode. david axelrod set the tone for
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the day sending thought tweet, tax returns. blunders. bain. ma records and now key documents from the olympics. when it comes to secrecy, mitt takes the gold. axel rod attached a link to a new report showing internal documents from when romney presided over the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city would not be available to the public and were likely to be destroyed by olympic officials. that includes financial documents, contracts, calendars and e-mail which may have offered insight into how romney operated as the committee's president and seceo. romney defended himself last night. >> i'm afraid what's primarily come from the president's campaign has been a series of attacks on me for my private sector work. by the way for which i'm very proud. recently the olympics which i'm also very proud of. and, of course, my leadership in massachusetts. i think i was able to by virtue of having a great team able to achieve wonderful things there as well. >> by the way, larry kudlow will
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be on "morning joe" in a little while. we'll get more insight with his interview. the obama campaign rolling out a new ad across a number of swing states, the ones you see here. one that takes a different tone from many of the ads we've seen so far. >> over the next four months, you have a choice to make. not just between two political parties or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top, roll back regulations on big banks and he says if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach. it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the middle class, asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. we can afford to invest in education, manufacturing, and homegrown american energy for good middle class jobs.
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sometimes politics can seem very small. the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. i'm barack obama and a prove this message. >> so that's the ad in the entirety. president obama just looking to cameras speaking. something different than what we've seen the ad comes as a new poll shows attacking romney on his business record may not be working. by more than two to one, they say romney's background in business including his tenure at bain capital would cause them to make good decisions in dealing with the nation's economic problems over the next four years. clearly the obama campaign sees something in the polling and has them still going after bain. romney met yesterday with small business leaders in california where his campaign unveiled what appears to be a new slogan. we did build it. that is the slogan, a reference to president obama's comment not long ago about the government's role in creating businesses. turning overseas, syrian officials seem to confirm what is long been suspected.
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the regime does, in fact, have a stockpile of chemical weapons. the spokesman for the foreign ministry says the government would never use that arsenal against its own but would use them in it case of a foreign attack. syria is believed to have o of the largest stockpiles of nerve agents in the middle east. iraq is reeling from the bloodiest day in two years, likely at the hands of the sunni extremist group al qaeda in iraq. more than 100 people were killed in a wave of coordinated bombings and shootings monday across nearly two dozen towns. the attacks aimed at shiite targets happened days after the terror affiliate vowed to make a comeback and reclaim territory it once controlled. sieve irlian worker is accused of setting fire aboard a u.s. nuclear submarine because he was anxious and wanted to leave work early. did you hear this story? navy investigators say 24-year-old casey james furrey did $400 million in damage to the u.s.s. miami, $400 million.
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he was working as a painter. first denied he had anything to do with it. later admitted to setting the fire during a lie detector test. the submarine was being serviced at the time. he was taking medication for anxiety and depression. he is charged with two counts of arson. if convicted, faces life in prison. and sally ride, the first american woman to fly in space died monday after a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer. ride was a physicist when she answered a nasa ad seeking applicants for the space program. add age 32, ride became not only the first woman in the country to head into space, but the youngest american astronaut as well. in 2001, ride founded sally ride science, a company to help teach students about math, science, and technology. she was particularly concerned about the growing gender gap in the subjects. in october of 2010 during her education nation program at nbc, i had the privilege of speaking to sally ride on the issue of girls excelling in science and
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math. >> most important, it's the teachers and the schools holding the high expectations and getting the message to the students that girls as well as the boys that we expect you to do well, that you need to do well, that these subjects are important for your future no matter what career you go into. you don't need to be a rocket scientists, math and science are still going to be important for you. >> and you actually are a rocket scientists. you have some credibility. >> american pioneer sally ride was 61 years old. when we come back to london for this special edition of "way too early," a stunner for baseball fans. ichiro, one of the greatest hitters that ever lived is traded from one locker room in the other in seattle. we'll show you how he looked in the road grays for the new york yankees. and will farrell on letterman last night getting into the
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olympic spirit with a handsome beret, like the ones that will be supported by american athletes at the opening ceremony. that clip and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes back to olympic park in london. . the united states, the world's largest capitalist country has from the standpoint of distribution of wealth come closest to the ideal of prosperity for all in a classless society. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to ke care of legal matters.
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. welcome back to "way too early." you look at a live picture.
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10:45 a.m. in london. that is the stadium where the opening ceremony will take place three nights from tonight. it's 5:45 a.m. back in new york city. that's where we find bill karins with a look at the weather. >> you're using up all the good days. >> i know. i'd rather have it rain today than friday. i'm hoping can you hold it off. can you do it? >> this is as good as it gets lately. behind you is sunshine. we're going to keep it sunny and beautiful right through wednesday. and then friday, 77. that's the opening ceremony and we have a chance of showers and storms. only about a 40% chance. hopefully we'll keep it dry. i'll update that as the week progresses. the worst weather in the country right now, rockford, illinois. severe thunderstorm warnings. big thunderstorms coming out of wisconsin. they're going to make their way into chicago, probably a half hour to an hour from right now. so keep that mind if you're in the chicago area and trying to make your morning plans or have an early flight. you're going to experience minor delays. temperatures are going to be warm through new england today. looks like the stormy weather
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should hold off. most of the thunderstorms today will be from minneapolis to chicago, indianapolis, kentucky, right through washington, d.c. and oh, yeah, by the way, yesterday was only 105 in kansas city, willie. today, we're going to cool it off to 102. that heat continues in the midwest. >> unbelievable. yesterday i think you said 50% chance of rain here in london on friday. today it's 40%. >> we're down a little. it's not going to be an all day rain either. slight chance of storms in the afternoon and evening. >> sounds good. thanks so much. appreciate it. to sports now. it is true that most of us don't necessarily follow olympic sports until the moment we see them on tv during the olympics. ever had the guys over for a night of beer for synchronized diving? you know what i mean? all week in a lead-up to the games, we're going to arm with you cocktail party knowledge of the game of the xxx olympiad, something to say, at least a flash of recognition when the olympics come up at the barbecue. for example, when someone says this phelps rival i have going to be something, huh?
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you'll know that michael phelps won a record 14 gold medals over the last two summer olympics including eight four years ago in beijing. but ryan lockdie will challenge phelps supremacy in london. they are rivals and friends. expected to clean up. he's in at least five events, maybe six, could even be seven. he'll go head-to-head with phelps in the 200 and 400. he says now it's his time. when someone says man i hope the gymnast of our beat china this time. they lost the all-around competition in 2008. there they are. this week on the cover of "sports illustrated." some later accuse the chinese of using underaged athletes on that team. this year the americans led by 17 and 16-year-olds who the battle for the individual title
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is picked by many experts to win gold. you may hear about the south africa runner with two prosthetic legs. he is the first double amputee athlete. the 25-year-old lost his legs when he was just 11 months old. he will race incredibly in the 400 meters and in the four by 400 relay here in london. and now you know. write all that down. we'll have more tomorrow. now back to baseball. after spending his entire 11-year american baseball career with the seattle mariners, ichiro suzuki has a new home in the bronx. after a surprise trade yesterday. the new york yoofrankees acquir the ten-time all star outfielder and cash considerations in exchange for two minor league pitching prospect prior to the opening game of the three-game series against the mariners in seattle. so he just moved over a locker room. the 38-year-old ichiro in the final year of a five-year, $90
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million contract and will primarily play left field for the yankees. his numbers are way down this year. but still worth a shot for the yankees. last night ichiro wearing number 31, the number of retired hall of famer dave winfield. he got a standing ovation prior to his first at bat as a member of the yankees. he acknowledged that with a bow as can you see there and then quickly proceeded to do what he does, smacking a line drive single, the only hist the game in four trips to the plate. he also then stole second base. his 16th of the year. in the eighth inning, yankees up a couple. a-rod crushes one to left center. yankees win 4-1 with ichiro now onboard and snap a four-game losing streak. nationals taking on the mets at citi field in new york. first inning, two-run shot into the visitors bull pen to give the nationals the early lead. his first home run in a long time. seventh inning, ike davis of the mets yanks a solo shot. that ties the game at two.
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tenth inning, bases loaded for harper. base hit for the kid. breaks the tie. they beat the mets 8-2. they have a 4 1/2 game lead to the nationals in the nl east. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama and mitt romney back after each other after a couple of days of respect for the victims of aurora, colorado. team obama out now with a new line about romney, the olympics, and secrecy. we'll knock that oren with our "morning joe" crew in new york. when we come back to london, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch will farrell visit david letterman in a beret. need i say more? "way too early" coming right back to olympic park. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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. we told you at the top of the show that man suspected of killing 12 people when he opened fire at a colorado movie theater made his first court appearance yesterday. the district attorney is said to be considering whether or not to pursue the death penalty in the case and will seek input from the victims's families. if you want to sound smart, since colorado reinstated the death penalty in 1976, gary lee davis is the only person to be put to death by the state. davis received a lethal injection in 1997 after being convicted of capital murder. there are currently three inmates on colorado's death row. all right. enough of the real news.
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let's huddle up around the water cooler to watch the buildup to the opening ceremony of the olympic games. you may have heard about the controversy surrounding what american athletes will be wearing for the games. critics pounced on the u.s. team's apparel not only the style but also the fact that it was made, yes, in china. on the late show last night, will farrell stopped by to offer a fashion statement of his own. >> so you joined the guardian angels? >> i was kicked out, actually. >> yeah? >> no. this -- i got this in chinatown. yeah. >> that's the new olympic uniform hat. >> i don't know. yes, it is. >> it looks great. it looks great. >> yeah. and, you know, am i wearing it correctly? >> i -- >> i think so. >> yeah, i think that's the beauty of a beret, you can't
5:54 am
make mistakes. >> yeah. and, you know, i thought that, you know, it looked a bit frenchy. yeah. but it's the american olympic hat. but nothing says god bless the usa like a beret. hold on one second. >> yeah? >> paul, can you hit it? >> yeah. >> what? ♪ >> a little mary tyler moore for you there. that beret was a little young on his head. the olympic committee formally adopted measures outlined in a congressional bill retiring future olympic uniforms to be made in the united states of america. still ahead on "way too early," why you are awake? "morning joe" in new york city is moments away. i'm your dog, holding down the fort while you're out catching a movie. [ growls ] lucky for me,
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what do you got? >> they're showing 5, 535 hours of total coverage. you can watch everything lives if you go to u.s.olympics point come. you can watch everything live for the first time ever, rowing included. i have a tweet tower. i have to redo this one if you don't mind. "i'm awake because it's time for pop tarts but willie geist makes me want to take my toaster in the bath tub with me." i'm so flattered but please don't do that. i don't want that on my head. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, july 24th.
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welcome to "morning joe." look at the live shot from the top of the rock at new york city. and look who's here. with us on set we have national affairs editor for new york magazine john heilemann. >> excited to have you on set. >> no, i'm not talking about him. nice having campbell on. she was fantastic. >> joe missed that. >> can you believe campbell is married to a guy that wants the united states to collect muslim countries like little kids collect breaking ball cards? >> wow. >> it is not even 6:01. >> she must be a very patient woman. >> patient. >> don't you think campbell should be back on tv. >> she was. >> but all the time. >> we have former foreign policy adviser to the


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